Agata Ruman – Great Exhibition “Image without a shadow”

Gallery invites you to visit the Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Agata Ruman which is going to be held this spring.

The opening of the exhibition is on Monday, March 4, at 17.30 p.m. The exhibition lasts until March 31, 2019.

Sometimes history leaves us more questions than answers. As time passes by and the line between real facts and fictional slowly disappears. All because by the time, a lot of details collapse in disgrace and everything that is left are the crumbs of survived photographs, films and retold stories.

Agata Ruman – Great Exhibition “Image without a shadow” article

Agata Ruman is the artist who brings the past back to life. Inspired by the pre-war world she uses canvas as the field where the heroes of her paintings and drawings are alive again.

Illuminated, full of color images depict scenes of everyday life. All the details, color choices and Agata’s mastery give us a feeling of presence, presence in the time we have never been.

As Agata Ruman explains:

“My passion, under the influence of which I paint and draw, is the past, recorded in black and white photographs and films, contained in the stories of a generation remembering the reality from before 1939. I am fascinated by the photos of the streets on which passers-by were walking, photographs, on which the scenes of everyday life have been captured.

Agata Ruman – Great Exhibition “Image without a shadow” article

Photographs are the registration of different places, many of which partially or radically changed their look nowadays.

My works are an allusion to the past, which survived only as a photographic, film or verbal recording. The series of works presented at the exhibition was entitled “Image without a shadow” because there are no shadows on the things that do not exist.

That’s why BeArte Gallery advice not to miss such a great opportunity to go back in time and experience with your own eyes the beauty of past years through the amazing artworks of Agata Ruman.

Agata Ruman – Great Exhibition “Image without a shadow” article
Agata Ruman – Great Exhibition “Image without a shadow” article

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