Alfie Bowen – Young Master of Wildlife Photography

January 28, 2019 · 2 min read

The old masters painted the drama of life and death. Today photography captures the human condition – better than any other artistic medium of our age.

A lot of research has shown that, although we live in houses or buildings in the city, we are still cavemen at heart. The basic wiring in our brains and how we interact are the same as thousands of years ago. Nature is where we still belong. That’s why we all enjoy a walk in the woods, gazing at the stars, watching a sunset, being on a beach, or going camping.

We are passionate about wildlife, traveling and all animals in general. Wildlife photography is about capturing a split second when the light and the animal behavior come together to create an emotional image. The beauty and also the curse of wildlife photography is that one cannot change almighty Nature. It is all about hard work, patience, and strength that not everyone can cope with. But most wildlife photographers will say that their work is rewarding, as you are “becoming one with Nature.” Wildlife photography is Zen.

In this information age, we are overwhelmed with data. Most of the things we see and encounter nowadays are artificial, fabricated, manipulated and dramatized with certain intentions we may or may not be aware of. Nature is really the only place left where we can have solitude and see the truth. Nature does not lie.

For this reason, BeArte Gallery is very proud and happy to acquaint you with the young and very talented Wildlife Photographer Alfie Bowen. 

Alfie Bowen first took up photography in 2014 following a life-long interest in our natural world. In Alfie’s own words: “People tend to care more for the things they love; I hope to make people fall in love with our natural world, so we can save it before it’s too late. We share planet earth with many other species and it is our responsibility to care for them and ensure that they are thriving for future generations to enjoy…” 

Ones you see Alfie’s works you realize his talent and hard work behind it. The number of tiny details that are visible on the photos is incredible. The influence of the natural light captured on the animals makes the photo “glow” in a way. His works are meant to be seen and we want our followers and guests to be among the first ones to experience the pleasure of seeing them.

So do not miss your chance to see his the most popular photos in our gallery here.

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