Art must move feelings, create sensitivities, vibrate hearts, minds and souls

Interview with
Nacho González

I suffer for our world, for people, my paintings show how my soul is, maybe I am a dreamer, it shows the way I would love the world could be, this is the way I try to help, giving beauty and colour in the dark

Ignacio González has worked in all techniques; oil, acrylic, carbon, painting portraits, people, nature, landscapes. Now he is focused and specialized in his ever loved watercolour paintings, full of vibrant colours and beautiful young figures.

Nacho creates a world that everyone dreams of, a world without flaws but a carefree and colourful. His art is a wonderful decorative painting in a difficult technique of watercolours.

Nacho Gonzalez
Nacho Gonzalez

Ignacio (Nacho) Gonzalez, artist from Madrid, Spain.

Degree in Law in Madrid
Master in EEC Law in Madrid
Art and Literature  – Diploma in Paris
Human Shape Drawing – Diploma Landscape Drawing  – Diploma Colour Technique – Diploma
Guitar Studies, 4 years
Harmony Studies, 2 years
1984 Prize in Teatro Español de Madrid Art Exhibition
2019 Special award as an emerging artist in India, included as one of the 15 better artists among 3000 artists in annual prize organized by Emerging Artists

Santorini by Nacho Gonzalez
Santorini by Nacho Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery
Corner In New York
Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery
Couple In Menorca Island
Couple in Menorca Island by Nacho Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery

Beata Piechocka: You sold your first painting when you were only 17 y.o. Can you tell this story, please?

Nacho Gonzalez: Since I was a child just about 9/10 years old and I was at primary and secondary school, I got excellent marks in art and drawing subjects. I was always drawing and painting and all my colleagues, friends, family members know about that. I remember one day I was having fun in a friend meeting and a lady much older than me ask me about drawing a portrait of her. She asked me: how much? What´s the price? Then I got amazed, I still remember how much money she paid to me, nowadays this price would sound ridiculous, but in those times,  it was an outstanding amount of money for me. Since then, the word of I painted beautiful portraits was spreading, and I did many portraits for many different clients, and I earned good money that helped me to pay the university.

BP. You have not always been involved in art; still, you are a lawyer by profession. How did it happen that you decided to become an artist?

NG: I was born artist, I painted in all techniques, I play the guitar, piano, banjo, ukulele, I studied 3 years of music theory, as well as 3 years of art and drawing but my mind, was always very curious and then I decided to study law as well, getting my degree and a master. All my life, I have been involved in art; playing music or painting. Even every day of my life, I try to play some of my musical instrument and paint.

BP. Being an artist is not a job the same as working in an office, where a person goes to work for 8 hours and then forgets about his office tasks. Being an artist is something completely different. What does Art mean for you? Is it more of a mission or hobby or just a job?

NG: Art for me is myself, my essence, my vision of life and world. Wherever I am, and whenever I am my vision of the world, people, situations, relationships are this way. You know, since I was a child people who know me well always call me “Nacho the artist”. I can be in my office desk but taking advantage of some time out time thinking about the last beautiful jazz chord guitar that I´ve learned or imaged the best colour for the dress of some of the characters that appear in the watercolour I am painting.

BP. What is your purpose as an artist? What do you want to say, convey through your paintings?

NG: For me, someone who has artistic sensitivity, has a special vision of the world, a special way of feel everything in life so has the need of sharing, conveying this particular vision in order to help just in case other minds to see the world from another different vision and not to follow a one and only way of thinking and living imposed. Art also must move souls, sensitivities, make vibrate hearts, mind and souls, make feel sensations to sleeping minds and souls

BP. I know that it is difficult to talk about the current direction of art at the moment. However, your artworks are somewhat not like paintings that have recently been seen at auctions or in galleries. How would you describe the direction of art closest to your paintings?

NG: A businessman who is a good friend of mine told me, hey Nacho, if you want to enter into the art world and sell your watercolours go to and take a walk to Singapore, New York or Miami see what art galleries are exposing an imitate, and I said, no thanks, I am free when I see the world, I am free when I feel, I am free when I paint what I am painting, when I decide what I want to paint, and how I feel I want to paint it, this is what I love, to be free to express myself free and don t mind what art trends are imposing, this is only business. Time goes by and Trends go by, Art remains.

BP. Do you have your favourite artists who are the role models, who have influenced your art? Who are these people, or person and why?

NG: When I was younger, Dali was my favourite artist mainly for his clever mind and his new perspectives in those times. Turner´s watercolours were very important for my learning. But since then many artists have been my role models, Gaugin for his colourful, the Spanish Eduardo Arroyo, Mapplethorpe photography, a delicacy of Chinese and Japanese artists, the strength of Miquel Barceló

BP. How do you work? Do you rely on pictures, work outdoors or everything is the creation of your imagination?

NG: I see the world, images, pictures, landscapes, people, anything that impresses me and then I mixed everything in my mind and my imagination does the rest, it is something like a creation game like I was the creator of the world in a just a paper sheet.

BP. Some people think of watercolours as a poorer sister of oil painting, others that it is easy and anyone can paint with watercolours, but in fact, it is a very difficult technique. Why have you decided to work with watercolors?

NG: I am glad you ask me this question. This is my own personal war, my own personal fight, my own personal challenge I have kept since I was a child. I have painted in many techniques such as oil, carbon, acrylics, etc… but I love watercolour, and I fight to demonstrate that watercolour is a difficult and a full of strength of the technique. I try to paint complicated works in which appear, people, animals, landscapes, colour, modern perspectives, modern life. I mean to update watercolor changing the idea that is an easy or poorer way of making art.

Most of the painters do what I call “little watercolors”, a flower, a cat, a simple and bucolic landscape, oh my God this what I did when I was 14 years old! Watercolour is more than that and I fight for showing the world my vision of this technique working hard.

BP. Do you use any additional artistic media when painting with watercolours, like colour blockers, etc?

NG. I only use my hand and paintbrushes. In only a very few times I help myself using watercolour felt pens.

BP. The silhouettes and objects you paint have a contour. Do you paint the contour first and then fill it in colour or the order of work is the opposite?

NG: yes, you are right, I first paint a light and simple contour sketch and then I start fill it in colour

Make An Offer 2

BP. You say that you are focused on the development of technique. What do you want to achieve?

NG: Technique is changing our lives, improving our lives, mainly in medicine progress, its development is daily alive, surprising us, so I am so interested in technology although for doing my art I use traditional and old media: paper and paintbrushes

BP. Your paintings are the praise of youth, temperament, freedom and beauty. And the world around us is not just about that. Sometimes it can be really ugly. Do you consciously turn your eyes away from this less attractive side of life?

NG: Unfortunately life and world is full of sadness, envy, violence, and my soul is very sensitive, I suffer for our world, for people, my paintings show how my soul is, maybe I am a dreamer, it shows the way I would love the world could be, this is the way I try to help, giving beauty and colour in the dark.

BP. I noticed that you usually paint two characters in one painting. Where does this duality come from, why not 3 or more?

NG: This is the duality of our lives, good and evil, male and female, light and darkness, our mind duality, day and night, success and failure

BP. In Bearte Gallery you show only paintings with people. Have you thought about painting e.g. landscapes or other motifs?

NG: I express myself better-showing people, they have eyes, soul, poses. I have painted thousands of landscapes and animals along with my artist life but now I try to include landscapes, people and animals using as many elements as I can to express more and more

BP. The colour palette you use seems to be clear colours. Is it a matter of your watercolours or a conscious choice? If you were to paint with oils, would you use the same colour palette?

NG: I frequently mix colours and I paint on paper “tierra de siena” colour to soften the brightness of Winsor and Newton pigments which is the watercolour trademark I use. I don´t use only pure colours. Some time ago, when I painted with, I oil or acrylics I used the same colour palette.

I have just received a special award as an emerging artist in India and I have been included as one of the 15 better artists among 3000 artists in annual prize organized by Emerging Artists.

Sunrise In Maldives
Sunrise In Maldives by Nacho Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery
Beach In Puerto Rico
Beach in Puerto Rico by Nacho Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery
Sisters In Brooklyn
Sisters in Brooklyn by Nacho Gonzalez at BeArte Gallery

BP. The composition you use is reminiscent of a camera shot. Characters or landscapes are truncated, characters are painted from the back, or they are posing. Such scenes usually happen when taking quick pictures somewhere during the holidays. Why do you use this composition?

NG: Yes, you are right, I do it on purpose trying to make a stronger, more alive and more modern impact in the eyes of the people who see my artworks.  I try to show alive and real moments, real instants

BP. In 1984 you received the Prize in Teatro Español de Madrid Art Exhibition. Can you tell more about this event? Which of your paintings has been appreciated by the jury?

NG: in 1984 I participate in an annual prize organized by The Spanish Theater Institution that year was dedicated to Blindness people who can not see. In 1990 I got a special award in annual art prize organized by Asociación Taurina de Madrid, an institution dedicated to Bull Fighting organization events, art museum, etc…

This week I have just received a special award as an emerging artist in India and I have been included as one of the 15 better artists among 3000 artists in annual prize organized by Emerging Artists.

This event of me has been very well promoted in Facebook the last 3 days even today is promoted

BP. Your hobby is also music. Do you share these two classes of painting and music or painting is more important for you?

NG: I paint since I was a little child and I got my first musical instrument when I was just about fifteen so I mean since those days up to now I haven t left the painting and playing music, they are both a part of myself in the same way

BP. What are your artistic plans?

NG: improving my technique and painting every corner of the whole world during the rest of my life

BP. I would like to ask you to encourage our readers to buy your paintings. Why do you think it’s worth having your art at home?

NG: I recommend buying my art to someone who feels his soul touched in some way by my watercolours. Every time they watch one of my works at home will get the same feeling of touch in their soul

BP. Thank you for your time and I wish you artistic successes.

NG. Thanks so much. I am so grateful.

About the Author:

I am a co-owner of BeArte Gallery, art marketspace based in Denmark. I have an art education and I paint myself. I am also a part-time paint teacher for artists amateurs. Communing with art and contact with the artists is what moves me in life. Without art, my life would be devoid of emotions, higher meanings. I believe that thanks to Art, each of us has a chance to touch an absolute.

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