Alexandr Karat
Alexandr Karat 
Art direction:
Realistic Modern Art

About Alexandr Karat

born January 15, 1982. Alexander started drawing and sculpturing in his early childhood. He had got his first lessons in the Art school, and then he studied sculpture by his parents (the Sculpture Professors). In the last years he closely studied the anatomy of man and animals. Having a great interest in the realistic art, he discovered for himself all the beauty of the human bodily plasticity and harmony, its dynamic expressiveness, which he later embodied in his works.


Creating a sculpture is a long and difficult process consisting of sculpting a sculpture from clay, sometimes this process can be delayed for many months and years of searching for a form and image. After creating the image, the form is removed from the clay sculpture, the bronze is cast, the bronze is minted, and numerous patinas are found for the bronze. Why Alexander chose bronze sculptures because it is the most durable and easily processed metal from which bronze vessels and sculptures were made in the 3rd Millennium BC,. This type of material is now as popular as it was thousands of years ago. Sculptures made of bronze only become more beautiful over the years, it has the appearance of natural aging and this further adorns the sculpture.
Alexander is the weblogger, he publishes the information about his sculpturing creative process.