Anna Zalewska
Anna Zalewska 

About Anna Zalewska

Polish artist, Anna Zalewska, born in 1985. She is living and working in Warsaw.


From the very beginning, art fascinated her in a broad sense.
She began painting at the Lycée of Fine Arts in Poznan, but the first time she became truly aware of the joy of art and fully engaged herself in the painting art during her technical studies.


Anna constantly seeks new opportunities and inspiration in her art. For years her style has been defining clarity in the pursuit of perfect geometric shapes. In her paintings, one can clearly see a strong focus on human form and at the same time, opposition to the current rules, attention for the perspective.

The many objects found in Anna's paintings are all in the same distinctive style: Strong geometry, clear shades, sharp contours, and a clearly defined theme.

The process of creating new works of art is constantly renewed. At each new painting, Anna deliberately works to perfect her own mastership, as well as integrating new techniques and color combinations into her easily recognizable paintings. Her constant enhancements and attempts of experiments with color combinations and new techniques create unique artistic effects and amazing impressions for the observer.

The composition of Anna's paintings is clearly defined and allows the observer's feelings to work easily through many impressions. Each painting has its own poetic title, referring to the feelings and thoughts Anna was using to create her unique work of art.


2018: Collective exhibition 'Sztuka Teraz' The National Museum in Krakow
2017: Art Fair ARTEHOS 2017 Barcelona, Spain
2017: "Reality Abstracts" Gallery NEXT Bydgoszcz, Poland
2015: "Jasiński & Friends IV" Amaristo, National Theater, Warsaw, Poland
2014: "VariArt" Slot Międzylesie, Poland
2012: "No children - there are people" Warsaw, Poland