Sonja Brzak
Sonja Brzak 
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About Sonja Brzak

My name is Sonja Brzak, I am an academic painter. Artistic education in Ljubljana Arthouse-College of Visual Arts where I acquired the title of graduate painter I live and work in Sveta Nedelja in Croatia. The design of my artistic expression is very wide and includes drawing in pencils, painting on canvas in acrylic and oil techniques and making unique ceramic items. In painting, motives are mostly abstract to me, but very often I enter the sphere of realism when it comes to a portrait of a pen or a painting on a canvas. The recognition of my painting is in the face-to-face look that often stretches across the entire surface of the canvas, rich in colour and an interesting composition. In addition to the facial expression in the centre of my pictorial expression, it is always a human figure in various aspects of pose and movement. In pottery, I usually make pots on a potting wheel, with a lid that is carved in a certain stage of roasting. The motifs are abstract with some animalistic depiction.
I am professionally selling painting online, at auction.
My works are across Europe and the world in private collections.


Born in Zagreb, Sonja Brzak ends high artistic education in Ljubljana Arthouse-College of Visual Arts where she acquired the title of graduate painter.


Her paintings are rich in colour, to attract viewers for colour harmony and their complementarity. On each canvas is dominated by the figure or figures in the second position. In the background is frequently denied, leaving the viewer the ability to focus on the characters and look for a new angle of view, and that the characters tell their story which makes us positive emotions. Play with the colours, the characters come to us in the characteristics and often in an abstract way. Continuous research opportunities in oil on canvas creates vivid and impressive creations.
The movements of the brush and painting provide cutting edge technology, commitment and high aesthetic value of each work and the dominant quality. The most frequent painting subject of the academy-trained painter Sonja Brzak is a human figure. The painter is devoted to depicting one or more human figures that she connects and blends into one unbreakable unity. Her work consists mostly of paintings that seem abstract at first sight and are composed of many sharp-edged shapes in clean and dominant colours red and blue. However, only a few paintings are completely undefined in terms of their theme and they distance themselves from the subject with their geometric abstraction. The painter sometimes experiments with automatism and uncontrolled bodily movements, and she softens or “liberates” the sharpness and hardness of geometric motifs by dripping light or dark colours on colourful canvases, and by doing so, she creates a swirling composition of small and large marks. Her most suggestive work is without a doubt related to the depiction of human figures that she stylizes and transforms into abstract forms. Recognisability of motifs is not treated the same in all her work; it varies from one painting to another, and the shape of the human body is gradually “dissolved” beyond recognition. Therefore, in some of the paintings, human figures are, although fragmented in many shapes, clearly drawn and emphasized by colour and lines, and the observer can easily distinguish body parts. Other paintings show a shift towards stronger stylization marked by the loss of body lines in a complex grid of lines, and the vagueness and connection between shapes are made stronger by an identical set of colours used for depicting figures. In the end, the gradation of stylization leads to the abstract composition of shapes, and only painted stylized heads may point to the fact that the subject of the painting is a depiction of the body. Sonja Brzak often comes back to figurative painting and to realism, by painting a series of idealized portraits of pretty, young women, more precisely their heads in (if we use the parameter of a movie shot) close-up. The focus is on the faces that take up all the canvas surface and often go “outside” of the frames, which
emphasizes their size.


1996 Zagreb, City Hall, a joint exhibition of paintings
1998 Zagreb, City Hall of Gornji Grad, a joint exhibition of paintings
2001 Bestovje, Sveta Nedelja, Tourist Board, an independent exhibition of paintings
2005 Bestovje, Tourist Board, a joint exhibition of paintings
2009 Sveta Nedelja, Group Ceramics Exhibition, "Ceramics in the Heart"
2010 Sveta Nedelja, City Hall, a joint exhibition of paintings
2012 Sveta Nedelja, Group exhibition of ceramics, "Ceramic pottery"
2014 Samobor, City Library, a joint exhibition of ceramics "Instruments"
2016 Zagreb, Lounge Bar, a joint exhibition of paintings
2017 Samobor, City Library, a joint exhibition of ceramics "Religion"
2018 Artbox Project, New York, participation in a virtual exhibition with two paintings TARA I and TARA II
2019 Sveta Nedelja, City Hall, a joint exhibition of ceramics "Memento"