Barbara Krajewska
Barbara Krajewska
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Contemporary Art
About Barbara Krajewska

Barbara Krajewska was born in Poland but has lived in different countries. Profoundly European, she belongs to French culture that she represents with her books and other writings. Artist painter, she exhibited many times in Paris, but also in New York, in London, in Switzerland and in Australia. She abandoned her initial technique, water painting, to work exclusively with oil on canvas. Barbara Krajewska is also an author. After completing her Ph.D. she published internationally four books and a number of articles devoted to French literature, French history, French society and also Napoleon and Dostoïevski. Initially indifferent to abstract, she has turned to this expression recently, although her favourite subjects are portraits, nudes and landscapes in an attempt to destabilise formal vision of world and people through a personal vision of things and human beings. She is trying to dramatise banal situations or to exaggerate what’s singular in settings that are eternal rather then anecdotal, all seised in a line deliberately reduced. The purpose is to visualise certain states of mind without the ambition to venture into innovative or trendy approaches with the intention to express spleen or to retain the instant through aesthetical sublimation and the intensity of a suggestion.

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