Painter, Teacher of fine arts
Art direction:
Realistic Modern Art
Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope that you enjoy portraits and landscapes painted by me. I am mainly painting custom-made artworks. If you want to know more - don't hesitate to contact me.

About Bea

I was born in Warsaw in 1971.

In 2016 I moved to Denmark from where I started running the art gallery.

Apart from this, my main activity is to paint stylized portraits on commission orders.

I also run painting classes for amateur artists and create handmade silk scarves.


I graduated from 5-year studies at Art School in Warsaw and then studied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw.

In addition, I completed two postgraduate studies in Warsaw in the field of human resources as I love human nature...


I enjoy painting people and nature. Both people and nature are my inspiration. When I work I create a new reality on canvas. I try to capture what I see, my focus is to grasp at the most important in the model.
I create in my mind the vision of a person or a view. It is my impression and interpretation you may say, but it's also my need to make the model happy with what I've painted.
Therefore I try to create an image that will match the dreams of the model, but as an artist leaving for myself the right to decide and bring individuality in the canvas.

I mix realism with symbolism in my impression of the portrayed. For example, I painted one of my models, Birgit, as Ms. Fisher from the Australian TV-series. Birgit loves this movie; Sonja's portrait presents her on the day of her 80th birthday as a lively woman laughing. On her lap, instead of a napkin, lies a page with a quote from Epicurus: "Pleasure is the beginning and goal of a happy life"; Another model, Ada, is presented as a character from Adolphe Mucha "Bouquet". That was just a few examples of my works.

What else interests me is nature: forests, lakes, boats. They symbolize freedom for me. I love my freedom.

The portraits I paint mostly based on photography, so it doesn't matter how far from me you are living. You can order the portrait of your loved one. If you are interested in commissioned work, please contact me.

Awards and Highlights

All the satisfied clients and my art students are the best confirmation for me of what I do and how I do it.