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AMBRE Biography My name is Ambre. My youth starts in May 1996. A departure, we change the country. I am 12 years old and I come from FRANCE. I will forget everything: the language, the friends, the memories, and my relatives. I do not have a French history, just the sensation of France, and I do love it. At school, the art class is the only topic I’m interested in. I don’t understand anything in this new language. Drawing becomes my Universe; my teachers are the first to reveal my talent to my own self.


I have never gone through any school of art, my painting is free, escaping any definition. I act spontaneously by a series of decisions that impose themselves and follow one another.
The time goes as I work and study. Parallel to my career, I continue to paint, but I’m still searching for myself.


The subtle game of transparency, deep blacks and colours, IT'S DARING, IT’S FREEDOM! The power of suggestion gives the necessary strength to escape from every day’s reality, to propel the admirer into abstract worlds.
My art has no limit or perspective. It's infinite. I am passionate about creation and life, a philosopher by nature I transform everything in actions, in emotions, in influx and energy of life.
When I paint, it's first of all for me, but there's something inside me that is for others ... I work on spontaneity until harmony is settled. I organize my own feelings and perceptions. In my perception of painting, I believe in the support, nuances, shapes and movements.
From our guts more or less marked by life that we carry through art, creation whatever it is, allows to give a sense to life. I PAINT, SO I LIVE!
My works are selected moments exposing my emotions and sensitivity. Strong interpretation of human nature that the artist's eyes never denies. This bubbling hold in front of my white fabric, knots, blockages and desires take shape, go back to a form of RAM (Random Access Memory), which is expressed through the brush.
My paintings are barely distorting mirrors of who I am and my attitudes ... the ambivalence of the mask and the truth. It is today my “precious” Universe in which everything seems possible to me. They are the portrait and the representation of intimate tensions of the mind, of the soul, mirror of emotions and temperament. But the violent expressionistic charge, the oppressive and elegant force of contrasts not only serves to unveil the existential and interior moment but above all defines a thousand aspects that the consciousness assumes to expose the relation with the world.
The distortions it forces itself to do, in order to create a balance on reality. The theme is often the representation of a feeling by contrasting colours, basic feeling or caused by a specific situation. Painting at night allows me to imagine my dreams. This fragile limit between simplicity and complexity is what I want to bring to you through my art.
And know that to acquire a piece of art in harmony with its own space is to create a spectacular interior atmosphere.


I travel a lot to find strong emotions I do a lot of private sales and tailor. My clients are demanding people and I respect that a lot. it gives me even more desire to go even further in my inspiration.

My first exhibition was revealing. It made me rediscover the charcoal tool that I had simply forgotten as a child.
Since then, it is another dimension that is offered to me....