Dalia Ferreira
Dalia Ferreira 
Painter, Photographer
About Dalia Ferreira

Dalia Ferreira is a Venezuelan artist and journalist born in Caracas. She leaves her country in the 2000s with a reputation already well established throughout South America. It is in New York and then in France where she then chooses to settle down her suitcases to continue her adventure as an international artist.


Ferreira's starting point is the photographic recording of reality. Then, she modifies her original photographs in her digital lab. She develops pop photography in contemporary collage based on urban landscapes in unique copies on canvas, photo paper or dematerialized in the form of video art. She's concerned about the Venezuelan crisis, the migration phenomena, climate change, the normalization of society, the post-truth and human condition in a changing world.
Dalia says about her inspiration:

The first time I used a camera was in the seventies, during travel to Boconó, a nice Venezuelan town from the Andes side of the country. I took a picture of two ducks on a lake. I stole that picture because my father told me to hold his Kodak Instamatic while he
was absent for some minutes. I waited until the end of that holiday to see the precious moment printed in the paper some weeks later. My heart beat tremendously when I saw that unforgettable image. Since then, I have to confess that this is the kind of vital signs that had been guiding my artwork. The same blood pumping that tells me if I'm in the right way or not when I'm creating.


Dalia has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions, 13 individual exhibitions and has also participated in several international contemporary art fairs: PINTA LONDON, PINTA NEW YORK, FIA, PINGYAO CHINA, FRANKFURT, MADRID, PARIS.

Awards and Highlights

She was the first Latin American artist selected by Google Open Gallery, sponsored by Google Cultural Institute.

Dalia Ferreira renews the visual routine of cities. A rhythmic, chromatic and playful reintegration of the way we live our urban existence.

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