Ewa Zochowska
Ewa Zochowska 

About Ewa Zochowska

Ewa Żochowska is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Łódź, Poland.


She graduate of the Academy of Fine Art in Łódź is also an expert in printmaking. Her studio is also a place where local cultural events and art workshops for children and adults take place.


Nevertheless, it is oil painting that is predominant in her artistic activity. She has developed her unique technique of applying paint onto the canvas. She puts thin layers of medium one onto another to achieve rich velvety surfaces and matt sophisticated colors.

As Ewa explains herself, “I absorb everything - images, words, sounds. The whole world around me is the inspiration for the picture: the elements of nature, products of culture, everyday life, history, the world of dreams. Everything about the human being, because the human being is the main subject of my work. The reality is filtered through the inner world of my feelings and emotions, digested by the viscera and compressed by the analytical mind. The whole process results in the image, the painting, which is a kind of energy bridge and exchange platform of thoughts and emotions between the artist and the recipient of artist’s works."


she has enjoyed many successful group exhibitions and several solo shows across Poland. Ewa has participated in several juried exhibitions including International Print Triennial - Cairo, Egypt; 21st. and 11th. International Print Biennial - Sarcelles, France; 21st., 23rd. and 25th. Polish Contemporary Painting Festival - Szczecin; 3rd. Piotrkowskie Art Biennial - Piotrków Trybunalski; 5th. Polish Print Triennial – Katowice – all in Poland. She was nominated for the Award at 5th Self-portrait Triennial, Radom, Poland, Grand Prix at 17th Strzemiński’s Award, Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, Poland and got honorable award for painting “Dead flowers – Louise” in „Young Polish Painting” competition organized by “Ale Sztuka” Gallery, Kraków, Poland.

Awards and Highlights

Her artwork is included in numerous private art collections in Poland and Europe.