Haydn Dickenson
Haydn Dickenson 
United Kingdom (UK)
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
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About Haydn Dickenson

Haydn Dickenson was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where he still lives and works.

The Russian Artist Dasha Balashova has written about Haydn’s artwork: “The Art of Haydn Dickenson is like a true symphony, whose depth in all its diverse movements, inner ‘nerve’, expressive energy, live creative impulse, artistic passion and constant search take us beyond reality into spheres of the infinite. These are works that resonate with the heartbeat of life.”


Haydn shone as an art student at school, winning prizes there for art at the age of 16. He already displayed an individual painterly voice, but found it stultified by his tutors' demands to conform. It was at this stage that Haydn's other passion - music and, especially, classical piano playing - took hold. This lead to, at first, a successful primary career. Haydn believes that Music had a big a part to play in his development as a visual artist; he is as passionate and individual a pianist as he is a painter. Thus, Haydn considers himself largely self-taught as a painter, taking inspiration from sound, from nature, and from the rich experience of life, and is proud of that.


Haydn's work ranges from rapid nude sketches in graphite, ink and watercolor, through abstracted nude work in oils and acrylic, to more overtly free pieces in which collage, acrylics and oils collaborate in a suggestive dance of colour, texture and form - at times urgent and vital, at others calm, meditative and spiritual. He is inspired by the Natural World, and by Humanity, Mysticism, Spirituality and Sensuality. Artists from whom Haydn particularly draws energy include De Kooning, Philip Guston, Joan Mitchell and Francis Bacon, with the sensuality of Klimt and Rodin's rapid ink and watercolour studies informing his own drawings. Haydn is a maverick however, with a style and energy that is all his own.

Musical references and an undeniable fluidity of line also abound in his work – Haydn’s former career was as a Concert Pianist.
As a musician, Haydn has frequently remarked that when he paints, he is spinning lines and balancing colour like musical tones and, when playing the piano, he moulds sound like a painter; the essential pliability of sound and its power to seduce the listener finds echoes in his work on canvas and paper. Haydn's work is lyrical, expressive and musical - demonstrating, perhaps, that all artistic expression flows from the same well-spring of creativity.


The most important exhibitions
• May 31st 2017

• September 21st - October 2nd 2015
• STILLNESS IN FLUX. Solo exhibition at Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK https://www.qpc.org/exhibitions.aspx?l=1&/Main%20Gallery

• January 6th-27th 2012
• RADLETT ART EXPO, The Radlett Centre, Radlett, Herts, UK www.artexporadlett.co.uk
• February/March 2012
• Trestle Arts Base, St Albans, UK

• March 2011
• Foyer Gallery, Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans, UK
April 2011
• Prieure de St Michel de Grandmont, nr. Lodeve, France
• November 2011
• Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, UK

• February/March 2010
• Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, UK

June 2010
• St John's Arts and Recreation Centre, Old Harlow, UK
• July 2010 to August 2013
• The Drawing Room Gallery, Chesham, Bucks, UK
September 2010
• The Art Centre, Bedford, UK
• October/December 2010
• Artshed Arts Centre, Ware, UK
November/December 2010
• Lucy Landers Fine Art Gallery, High Wycombe, UK

• August 2009
• Cafe Minuscule, Lodeve, France
• November 2008
• Theatre Gallery, The Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans, UK
• December 2008-April 2009
• Copper Beech Gallery, Hitchin, UK

Awards and Highlights

Haydn's work features in private collections across the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, the Far and the Middle East.

During the Summer of 2015, he acted as Adjudicator in the International Abstract Exhibition run by www.artisttableonline.com http://www.artisttableonline.com/Exhibition