Nacho Gonzalez
Nacho Gonzalez 
Art direction:
Realistic Modern Art

About Nacho Gonzalez

Artist from Madrid, Spain with many years of experience, I sold my first painting when I was only 17 years old. Since then I have painted in all techniques, oil, acrylic, carbon, painting portraits, people, nature, landscapes …. but since I was a child I love watercolour. After some exhibitions and sales as many to art collectors, as for advertising, I decided to focus on my ever loved watercolour technique. My target is to make grows this technique and make it more relevant in Artworld showing with a great technique the way our world is today, its people, it’s colour, it’s feeling, snapshots captured in my eyes. All watercolours are created in my imagination mixing memories, images and sensations that I have seen anywhere all over the world


Degree in Law in Madrid
Master in EEC Law in Madrid
Art and Literature Diploma in Paris

Human Shape Drawing - Diploma
Landscape Drawing - Diploma
Colour Technique - Diploma
Guitar Studies, 4 years
Harmony Studies, 2 years


My inspiration is our amazing and surprising world, i try to reflect the endless variety of people, colours, races and costumes, landscapes and feelings i can see all around me. I love life and living and try to show in my artworks all things that impress me much in Human Being and Nature


2005/2019 Sales to private collectors

2003/04 Designs for advertising,

1999/2000 Designs for Fashion Industry

1998/1999 Designs for diferent commemoration corporative events.

1996/1997 Watercolor Exhibition in Galería Ignacio Várez de Madrid

1995 Watercolor Exhibition dedicated to Spanish Artists in Emiratos Arabes

1995 Watercolor for decoration in hotels all over the world

1994 Watercolor Exhibition dedicated to Spanish Artist in Roma (Italy) Spanish Embassy

1993 Watercolors Exhibition in González Aller Gallery Madrid

1991/92 Acrilyc and Watercolors Exhibition in D´Eboli Gallery in Guadalajara, Spain

1989 Watercolor Exhibition in Club de Tiro Gallery in Salamanca, Spain

1987 Acrilyc and Watercolor Exhibition in Toisón Gallery Madrid

1985 Watercolor Exhibition in Plaza de Toros de Madrid Museum

1984 Prize in Teatro Español de Madrid Art Exhibition

1983 Watercolor Exhibition in Sala de Arte de Confederación Cajas Ahorros en Madrid

1983/2006 Sales to private collectors in Spain and Venezuela

Awards and Highlights

1984 Prize in Teatro Español de Madrid Art Exhibition
2019 Special award as an emerging artist in India, included as one of the 15 better artists among 3000 artists in annual prize organized by Emerging Artists