Joanna Polkosnik
Joanna Polkosnik 
Draftsman, Painter
About Joanna Polkosnik

Polish artist born in 1981 in Hajnowka, Poland.


Joanna Półkośnik studied at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Bialystok's Technical University and graduated with honors.


Stories from Podlaskie Voivodeship: Creation feels like an intimate picture of one's own reality, what it surrounds, captures and catches in a given moment of life. At present, it is primarily the landscapes in Narew Narrows Park where Joanna lives, and they attract the most of her attention. She observes the surrounding animals and birds and then places them on an abstract background. Realistically reproduced creatures emerge on an emotional, colorful background. It is a synthesis of realistic perception of nature with subjective emotionalism.

Drawing and painting have part of Joanna's life almost since her birth, and they became an important companion and what fills her with the greatest passion. In Joan's own words: "I like when the image takes the form of a depiction that maps all elements perfectly when it contradicts itself and often seeks simplification when treated graphically when colors and consistency are changed from reality to imagination."

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Before The Storm II
50 × 60 cm