Joanna Sokolowska
Joanna Sokolowska 
Painter, Sculptor
About Joanna Sokolowska

Joanna Sokołowska. Painter and sculptor from Warsaw (born in 1984)


Recipient of Fulbright Scholarship in 2013, she studied at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA, where she received her MFA degree in May 2015. Her education is both artistic and linguistics, both in Poland and abroad.
She became a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Department of Sculpture - Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2012. Got Erasmus scholarship at the Department of Sculpture - Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy (2009/2010).


“The human being, with his dual nature - sensual and spiritual, is my biggest inspiration and focus. I am fascinated by the richness of human life. My challenge is to make accurate references to universal values shared by humanity. Despite cultural differences, there are more differences between people, concrete values are rooted deeply in our souls - love, compassion, sense of beauty, need for reflection. These values I seek in art.”


She exhibited her works in Poland, Italy, and the USA. Her paintings and sculptures focus on the subject of a human being and his interior, emotions, experience, and psyche. It combines the elements of realism with the expressive, emotional effort to find the power of expression.

Awards and Highlights

2009-2010: International sculpture workshop in travertine "Lega'mi un Segno nel Parco", Tivoli Terme, Italy
2011: Distinction for the sculpture "Pragnienie", participation in the exhibition of finalists of the 10th edition of the Hestia Artistic Journey Competition, State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
2012: Award for the diploma sculpture "Ecce Homo", Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland
2015: Artistic Residence at the Sculpture Center "Carving Studio and Sculpture Center", West Rutland, Vermont, USA

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