Kamil Stanczak
Kamil Stanczak 
Painter, Teacher of fine arts
About Kamil Stanczak

Kamil was born in 1980 in Pulawy, Poland. He is the visual artist who works with painting art, installations and creates specific structural and kinetic objects.
He is also working in Art Academy in Lublin, Poland.


In the years from 1999 to 2004, he studied at the Faculty of Arts at the UMCS in Lublin. He graduated only with a diploma in painting at Professor Stanislaw Zhukovsky in 2004. Today, Kamil works as a lecturer at the University of Arts, where he initially graduated himself and subsequently defended his master's degree.


Kamil has had 13 individual exhibitions and has participated in a number of group exhibitions.
Main individual exhibitions:

2017: Clock, Puławska Art Gallery, POK Dom Chemika, Puławy
2014: Organika Gallery, Biala, Lublin
2012: Strategic Objects, Art Laboratory, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń
2011: What arouses fear, self-trembles with fear (with Peter Adam Fludz), Agora Cultural Center, Wroclaw
2010: Herd, Lublin Society for the Advancement of Fine Arts, Lublin Concrete, Gallery Biala, Lublin Strategic Objects, Galeria Sanocka, Sanok
2009: Peripherals, Biala Gallery, Lublin
2008: Puławy City-Kraków Main, Galeria Olimpia, Cracow Peripherals, Puławy Art Gallery, POK Dom Chemika, Puławy
2006: Next please, Gallery Biala, Lublin FermentActions, Contemporary Art Gallery, Przemysl
2005: Dry Clean Only, POK Dom Chemika, Puławy

Group exhibitions since 2010:

2017: Didaskalia, Lublin Castle, Lublin Memento, deadly serious exhibition, Galeria Otwarta Pracownia, Cracow
2016: VI Landart Festival, Old Bubel, Janów Podlaski - Building Combination, BWA Gallery, Zielona Góra - Dada Yes? Yes!, Biala Gallery, Lublin - Memento Gallery ASP, Wroclaw - Kiosk with art, DDK Węglin, Lublin - Deadly serious exhibition, Galeria Labirynt Plaza, Lublin - Lessons from the collection. Lubelskie collections outside institutions, Center of Cultures Meeting, Lublin
2015: Kryjówka Gallery, Labyrinth Gallery - Border crossings, Galeria 13 Muz, Szczecin - Unknown Painters, Faculty of Art, UMCS, Lublin - Bialystok, Manhattan Gallery, Łódź - Feedback, ACK Chatka Żak, Lublin - Art is not beautiful, ie the heirs Marcel Duchamp, Olimpia Gallery, Cracow - No Budget Show 7, Finnish Cottage, Warsaw - Asymmetries. Art in the context of the Museum, Lublin Castle, Lublin - White Transformation, Biala Gallery, Lublin - Overview of Puławy Plastic Environment, POK Dom Chemika, Puławy - Interior, Cultural Workshop, Lublin
2014: UMCS Artists, He Shuifa Arts and Culture Center, UMCS, Lublin - New House, DDK Węglin, Lublin - Artistic center, Autonomous Social Center Cicha 4, Lublin - Graduates, Gallery Zajezdnia, Lublin - Biała.art.pl, Biala Gallery, Lublin - Strabag Artaward International, Strabag Artlounge, Vienna - Our portraits, the Marek Pieńkowski Foundation, the Pienkow Gallery
2013: 41th Biennial of Painting Bielsko-Biała, BWA Galeria Bielska, Bielsko Biała - Mizogini, Open Society Association, Gallery Zajezdnia, Lublin - Exhibition of works of pedagogues and students of the Artistic Faculty of UMCS, Galeria Obok, Tychy - Intermedia, Gallery Zajezdnia, Lublin - No Budget Show 5%, Railway House of Culture, Lublin - Silence before the storm, Open Society Association, Open Gallery Workshop, Cracow
Peripherals, ISP WA UMCS, Lublin - Exhibition of employees of WA UMCS, Galeria Odnowa, Kraśnik - Exhibition of Graphic Arts and Painting of WA UMCS employees, He Shuifa Gallery, Hangzhou, China
2012: The Patience of Paper, Griffith University, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia - Place for art, New Paper Station, Wroclaw - Graduates, Gallery Zajezdnia, Lublin - My-Se, Open Workshop Association, Zajezdnia Gallery, Lublin - Final of the competition for the Grand Prix of them. Francis Eibisch, Art Gallery of K. Napiórkowska, Warsaw
2011: Biała and Biala, BWA Galeria Bielska, Bielsko Biała - 50 Years of Gallery in Shawl, City Gallery in Shawl, Lithuania - No Budget Show 3, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw
2010: No Budget Show 2, Cultural Workshop, Lublin - Art Week, Galeria Dzyga, Lviv - Lubelski Full, Townhouse of Miracles, Lublin - UMCS artists, Galeria Zajezdnia, Lublin

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