Katarzyna Bulka-Matlacz
Katarzyna Bulka-Matlacz 
About Katarzyna Bulka-Matlacz

Katarzyna Bulka-Matlacz was born in Warsaw. She’s the author of statuettes for such companies as TVN, Puls Biznesu, AXA, AIG, Kraft Foods, BRE Bank, Credit Suisse, PAN, Forbes.

Katarzyna uses adequate thought’s abbreviations to enclose a complete tale, carrying a deep philosophical and humanistic message, in a limited space.

Katarzyna uses the lost wax casting, a technique known since ancient times. This method of making artistic molds requires the sculptor’s huge artistry and patience. Each of the artist’s sculptures is a unique and inimitable creation.

The works reflect her unusual precision and respect for the recipients.

The extraordinary relationship she is able to establish with the audience results in the excellent acceptance and recognition of her works of art all over the world.


She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Warsaw, the Faculty of Sculpture in 1991.


The sculptures by Katarzyna Bulka-Matlacz amazingly combine the elements of surrealism, grotesque and fairy tale, which are used to show the complexity of human condition, man's ambitions and limitations, his advantages, and drawbacks.


Exhibitions and major achievements since 2010:

2017 - "Exposition Internationale D’art Contemporain Art Vision’s 2017", Mulhouse – France
2017 – project and creation - statuette „Hall of Fame” for European Bridge League
2017 – individual exhibition „Ausstellung Katarzyna Bulka - Matlacz” Wiener Neustadt - Austria
2017 - "Synestezja" – Galeria Biura Wystaw Artystycznych, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
2016 - „SUMMER EXHIBITION 2016”. Castle Gallery in association with INSIGHT building creative talent
2016 - individual exhibition „Świat surrealizmu, groteski i bajkowej opowieści”. Forum Humanum Mazurkas - Ożarów Mazowiecki
2015 - "Salon Sztuki". Mazurkas Hotel - Ożarów Mazowiecki
2015 - "Christmas Exhibition". Blackheath Gallery - London
2015 – juror in interdisciplinary artistic competition: „MUZA 2015 Magdalena Abakanowicz” - Art Imperium. Centrum Promocji Kultury - Warszawa
2015 – „Polish Contemporary Art – the 4th edition of IdkArt”. Embassy of the Republic of Poland - Helsinki
2015 - project and creation - statuette "Portfel WPROST"
2015 - project and creation - statuette for best polish cities, "Złoty Klucz" for WPROST
2015 - Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition „Japanese Inspirations”, Embassy of Japan – Warsaw
2014 - „Genessis”- DAP Gallery – OW.ZPAP - Warsaw
2014 - ”Petits formats” - Art’et Miss Gallery - Paryż
2014 - "Salon d'Automne - Coubron" – Paris - France
2014 - individual exhibition „The world to discover”, 8plus Gallery & IdkArt – Warsaw
2014 - „Georgia and Friends”, 8plus Gallery & IdkArt – Warsaw
2014 - „Garden Art. Gallery” - Saska Kępa - Warsaw
2014 – „Polish Contemporary Art” - Pori - Finland
2013 - „Ludzki Wymiar”, DAP Gallery – OW.ZPAP - Warsaw
2013 - participation in "Salon d'Automne - Coubron" - Paris - First prize - Golden Medal - for sculpture "Dreaming a Dream of Venice"
2013 - participation in "Art Wuppertal" - Germany
2013 - participation in "Christmas Exhibition" - London
2013 - participation in exhibition "Grandes Signatures" - France
2013 - participation in exhibition "Art & Lumiere" - France
2013 - project and creation of statuette "Dream Chemistry" for Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
2012 - participation in International Art Conference - Idkart-trading"
2012 - participation in the exhibition "Nie wszystko na sprzedaż" in Warsaw
2012 - participation in "Salon Wielkopolski", Second prize for sculpture "Carmen". Audience award for sculpture "Carmen"
2012 - participation in "Warszawskie Targi Sztuki"
2012 - individual exhibition in France
2012 - project and creation of statuette for Kraft Foods Poland
2012 - participation in The Third Sculpture Exhibition at Novotel Garden Gallery in Warszawie
2012 - participation nationwide exhibition "Nowe Otwarcie" in Warsaw
2012 - individual sculptures exhibition at Galeria SD Wilanów (Warsaw)
2011 - project and creation of statuette "Zwykły Bohater" for TVN channel
2011 - participation in "Nad...tchnienie" exhibition in Warsaw
2011 - project and creation of jubilee statuette on the tenth anniversary of activity in Poland for pharmacies "Dbam o zdrowie"
2011 - participation in First Warsaw Art Festival - Ground Art
2011 - participation in First International Art Conference - Idkart-trading
2011 - group exhibition "Early Summer Exhibition" (London)
2011 - creation of the statuette "Twarze Biznesu" for TVN CNBC
2011 - creation of the statuette "Taniec kontra Dance" for TVN channel
2011 - group exhibition "Early Summer Exhibition" (London)
2011 - group exhibition "Venice" (London)
2011 - design and creation of statuette for Polish Television Channel 2 (TVP2) handed as special prize to cabaret Ani Mru Mru
2011 - design and creation of statuette "Bezpieczeństwo Ruchu Drogowego" for the Ministry of Infrastructure
2010 - design and creation of statuette for AXA
2010 - design and creation of "Jaskółka Forbesa" statuette for Forbes
2010 - design and creation of WOW Music Award statuette handed at Orange Warsaw Festival
2010 - design and creation of a statuette for Rossmann Poland

Awards and Highlights

She receives invitations for exhibitions worldwide. Her works can be found in private collections same as in galleries in Poland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain.

In 1999 she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art.

In November 2013 she received the first prize at "Salon d'Automne - Coubron" - Paris for sculpture "Dreaming a Dream of Venice"

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