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Luis Cesar Cornejo Arenas
Luis Cesar Cornejo Arenas 
United Kingdom (UK)
Architect, Painter, Photographer
17 october 1960
Art direction:
Realistic Modern Art
If you have the art in your blood and hands Nobody can take it from your heart

About Luis Cesar Cornejo Arenas

I was born in the andes Peruvian City called Arequipa, a beautiful landscape around the mountains beautiful architecture buildings and not far to the sea


Im am an architect by profession and a vocation artist since I was 9 years old, after as an adult I also studied at the Art School in Arequipa city Peru


I Grow up there with my family and Y started to do my arts works from the age of 9 years old. My inspiration at first was my grandfather who was also ,a watercolor Artist and he taugh me During my childhood.


I have participatedin several exibitions at diferent cities in South America

Awards and Highlights

I participate in some galleries exhibitions in Peru with exelents results and sales, specially with local people who knows well the architecture