Maria Michon
Maria Michon 

About Maria Michon

Maria Hulist (artistic pseudonym Maria Michoń) born in 1989 in Częstochowa, Poland.


Maria started her artistic career as a violinist. In 2013 she graduated from Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw with a master's degree in art violin, in the class under Prof. Roman Lasocki. Twice she has received scholars from the mayor of Częstochowa, and she has also received scholarships from the head of the Ministry of Culture and Art in Częstochowa.

In 2017, she also received a Master's degree in Art Painting, from Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa at the Art Department under Prof. AJD by Janusz Rafał Głowacki and Dr. Jakub Jakubowski.


n Maria's own words: My work includes both large works and miniatures made with different techniques. The characteristic element of my works is the expressions in shape and the contrasting combination of colors, often in very bright shades as in the case of the exam cycle: 24 caprices. Recent works are inspired by the figures of the human body, which are depicted both statically and in dance models.


Solo exhibitions:

2018: "Take dance under the microscope", Municipal Art Gallery in Częstochowa
2018: Artistic Pool, Warsaw
2016: "Naughty", "Block Bar", Warsaw, Poland
2015: "Exhibition Space" Klubokawiarnia "I Ochota", Warsaw, Poland
2015: "explosion of colors" Restaurant "Old and New", Katowice, Poland
2012: Individual Exhibition, Artistic Pool, Warsaw, Poland.

Collective exhibitions:

2018: Exhibition as part of the 19th high art festival in the Stalowe Aninio gallery, Bytom
2018: Exhibition at the International Conference "Culture in Art, Looking in Culture", Konduktorownia, Częstochowa
2018: "Exhibition 125", PBW Sosnowiec, MDK Kazimierz, Miejski Klub im. Jan Kiepura, Sosnowiec
2017: "Painters 5" Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
2016: "Painters 4" Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
2017: "Rysunkarze 3", Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland
2017: "Rysunkarze 2" Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
2017: "Rysunkarze", Konduktorownia, Częstochowa 2017
2017: Post-competition exhibition Wiersz + Image presented in Galeria Dworku Sierakowskich, Sopot
2017: "Diploma 2017", Municipal Art Gallery in Częstochowa
2016: "Rysunkarze" Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland

Awards and Highlights

2017: National Prize in Competition "Command + Image" during the 9th Poetry Festival in Sopot

Maria is a member of the "Szir Avwi" association, which through artistic, social and educational activities cultivates the traditions of different nations and ethnic groups. Currently, as part of the association, I run a vocal ensemble with the same name.