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Marta Bilecka
Marta Bilecka 
About Marta Bilecka

Marta Bilecka, born 1975 in Poland. She uses acrylic techniques. Her work and live in Lodz, Poland.


Graduated from Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (2002), Faculty of Graphics & Painting.


The field of artistic exploration of Marta Bilecka's paintings is two simultaneously developing trends: a metaphysical landscape - synthetic, economical in form, often of a symbolic nature and abstraction. In her initial period, while inspired by surrealist art, Marta Bilecka painted mysterious, abandoned cities focusing on the theme of transience, but also the continuity of certain universal ideas, permanent elements of culture and civilization.

Currently, the artist frequently returns to the "Waterland" series in which classical aquatic motifs prevail subject to modern reprocessing- presentation of rivers and endless, horizon reaching waters. In the landscapes of the "Waterland" series we also find geometrized architecture, labyrinths embedded in transparent water - a symbol of life's adventure and a search for proper paths as well as mystery and wisdom. The stairs reaching the depths invite us to use them and extending out to sea bridges can become a place of meditation and intimate, internal dialogue.

The author pays particular attention to the element of water which symbolizes life, purification, and rebirth, but also instability, continuous fluctuation, and change. It is an intermediate element between the ethereal elements i.e. air and fire, a permanent element - earth, and thus between life and death. Water also embodies a feminine element, different aspects of femininity. Rivers are primarily a metaphor of a road, a journey, constant changes and a lapse of time.

The human figure rarely appears in the pictures and typically it is only a silhouette immersed in the landscape. The man is present in them through the reflection contained in paintings relating to human existence, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

In her paintings, Marta Bilecka juxtaposes motifs borrowed from both the actual landscape and dreams. Metaphysical landscapes are characterized by unusual atmosphere and mystery. These are not places familiar from everyday experience, but spaces symbolically defining a life journey as well as a spiritual quest for self-awareness, finding the right paths. The presented places are far from the urban bustle and mass culture. In her artistic exploration, the author attempts to show the limitlessness of the universe. The artistic expression is combined with the precision of detail. Dreamlike landscapes are reduced to the essentials - thought-out, structured compositions and simple forms.


Solo exhibitions:

2017: "Water Odyssey" New Gdynia Station | Lodz | Poland
2016: "In Search of Mystery Beyond the Arctic Circle" | Scandic Ferrum | Kiruna| Sweden
2016: "Preview in Search of Mystery Beyond the Arctic Circle" | ELart Gallery | Lodz | Poland
2013: "Dream Spaces" | Art Market Gallery | Lodz | Poland
2012: Painting Exhibition | 8 Bitow Club | Poznan | Poland
2012: Marta Bilecka recent works | Korzeniowa | Kazimierz Dolny | Poland
2011: Ghost Town | 8 Bitow Club | Poznan | Poland

Awards and Highlights


2015: Oxford encyclopedia 1st edition | Encyclopedia Personalities Polish Republic
2012: encyclopedia Who is Who polish edition
2011: quarterly magazine "Wyspa" 4 (20) | Warsaw | Poland
2010: site and publishing house and portal | Warsaw | Poland
2005: "Wedrowka II" (Chapbook poetry ) published by Związek Literatów Polskich | Radom | Poland