Designer, Painter, Photographer
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
Welcome to my Digital Collage World.

About mortyohlala

Hi, I am Morten Saether from Norway and I’m glad you visited my profile. I hope you like my experimental photography.

I am a freelance photographer and painter. I favour using mixed digital photography techniques to produce my work.

“Photography is often the essence of my Art. I also love traditional collages. So often my work consists of different photos put together in layers and presented in a new way, mostly abstract but sometimes with elements you can recognize.”

Alongside my self taught artistic practice, I have enjoyed an extensive professional career as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. My photography and paintings have been featured in exhibitions in Collioure in France and Fredrikstad, Tønsberg and Oslo in Norway. I am keen to continue to exhibit my work throughout Europe and is focusing on Copenhagen, Paris and Barcelona as my target markets.


My education is in Communication, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design and Window Decoration. When it comes to painting and photography I am self taught.


One of my first inspirations was Matisse and his Fauvist period of rough paintings starting around 1905 in the south of France. Other artists that I really love are: Braque, Man Ray, Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Kooning and Rauschenberg to mention a few.


Collioure / France: Paintings
4 expos in Oslo / Norway: Mixed Digital Photography
2 expos in Fredrikstad / Norway: Mixed Digital Photography
1 expo in Barcelona / Spain: Mixed Digital Photography
1 expo in Tønsberg / Norway: Mixed Digital Photography