Robin Vandenabeele
Robin Vandenabeele
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Contemporary Art
About Robin Vandenabeele

Robin Vandenabeele was born in Bruges, Belgium on 27 September 1977. As a child, he had a great interest in graphic arts in all forms. In his teenage years, this resulted in applying for a graphic design school program, which was never completed. After feeling let down by the tradition schooling system and eager to stand on his own legs and taste the world he dropped out of school at the age of 18 and started working as a stagehand, assisting in the montage of tents, stages, shows, festivals, etc.. This path leads to various functions in the entertainment industry and a lot of contacts were made that would lead to other opportunities later in life. After a few years as a allround technician and event builder Robin became a staging supervisor for a Belgian company, StageCo, and has since been accompanying reputed artists such as The Stones, Metallica, Béyoncé, Muse, Coldplay and many more to build their performing platforms on their international stadium tours. It was during one of these tours that the desire to visually document his surroundings and adventures made him buy a Pentax film camera. This camera followed Robin everywhere and took many a beating but never failed to produce the most remarkable images. A lot of experiments were carried out, just to push the technical limits of the films and find out what happened to the resulting images. Using expired slide film that would be cross-processed (E6 film developed in E-41 chemicals) to produce stunning colours and heightened contrast would be one of these manipulations, using extremely high speed film or un unusual shutter times would be another.. One of those experiments, double exposure with a rotation between captures, made with a plastic Holga toy camera, caught his interest because of the promise of immense graphic possibilities. Most of the energy dedicated to his photography has since been channeled into this experiment that is slowly but surely is starting to make up the bulk of his photographic archive. Robin still works as an entertainment rigger and stage builder but is steadily working towards adding more photography to that mix.


Other people, this planet, travels, art, books, long walks, long talks


Trieste Photo Fringe 2018

Awards and Highlights

-2007 Winner 'Work' photo contest Belgian newspaper
-2005 Winner photo contest
-2008 Nominated 'Abstract' category Black&white Spider Awards -2009 Nominated 'Abstract' category Black&white Spider Awards

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