Soren Parmo
Soren Parmo 
Painter, Sculptor
Art direction:
Contemporary Art

About Soren Parmo

Søren Parmo (1966-), the boy from Ribe, who ended up as the painter from Måløv. In fact, it is better to use the word “artist”, because, for the most of the Søren’s glorious career, he has never seen limitations in his art, he dealt with various things, anything where his art can be transferred, from the traditional canvases to something that a joiner can put together, like window sections, drawers, wardrobes for dining tables, and even aluminum biscuits baking tins, in 100,000 copies have been adorned by Søren’s colorful lines, for example the “Lucky Troll”, who with his big smile and widespread arms collect funds for the Cancer Fight.
Søren, like most artists, is not happy about being placed into artistic “stall”, and although we may find that he gets inspiration from the Danish brothers Asgar Jorn and Jørgen Nash, as well as the French painter and sculptor Fernand Léger, at the same time we can quickly find that style and thoughts in the works of Søren are different from what the great artists originally produced in their artistic approach. Shall we make a preaching to Søren’s art, or is it best to stay naive in the avant-garde. For the strings of the Søren’s art, the reality often serves in a humorous and naive way. But not as naive as in the child’s perception, more like a serious interpretation of the word, where the reality is at times of high-speed pace and personality is set to a level where it actually belongs.
We promise not to put Søren in any frames and just hope that his freedom depicted in his beloved style similar to “a free bird” will produce many more great works of art; on canvases, in sculpture or elsewhere he may wish to enrich.


Søren Parmo is an internally recognized artist with sales in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, England, Germany, Holland, France, USA, Australia, Canada, China and Thailand. His art also decorates corporate companies, ministries and public buildings.


Lots of clear colors made at an impulsive pace, yet careful, and composed in the shapes and patterns that create simple messages and humorous interpretations. All this - is Søren Parmo. Looking deeper into his magnificent works, we begin to understand his serious side and the constant search for the right color; the mixture; composition. All the details that make the painting more exciting enchanting us. The work may look simple, but nothing happens randomly, and the depths of Søren Parmo's masterpieces have caused strong influence on the formation paths of some of the largest Danish companies, private art collectors, and among the many visitors, in some of the more than 100 places he has exhibited his works over the years.


Solo exhibitions:
2018: The Energy Hub, Denmark
2018: ARC Amager Ressource Center, Denmark
2018: Udlejre Kirke, Denmark
2018: Furesø Kommune Rådhuset, Denmark
2017: Agilent, Denmark
2017: Banedanmark, Denmark
2017: Haderslev Rådhus "Galleriet", Denmark
2017: Galleriet i Måløv, Denmark
2017: Selsø Gods, Denmark
2017: Galleriet, Denmark
2017: The Energy Hub, Denmark
2016: Jyderup Sognegård, Denmark
2016: World Trade Center, Denmark
2016: Kunstforeningen HUMLEN, Denmark
2016: Galleriet i Måløv, Denmark
2016: SPX.FLOW, Denmark
2016: RADIOMETER Medical ApS, Denmark
2016: G4S Security Services A/S, Denmark
2016: Galleriet, Denmark
2015: Happy Xmas Trees International, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015: Galleriet, Denmark
2015: Deloitte, Denmark
2015: Måløv Kulturhus, Denmark
2015: Dansac A/S, Denmark
2015: DSS, A Tetra Pak Company, Denmark
2015: FL. Smith A/S., Denmark
2015: Traktørstedet Store Peders Hus, Denmark
2015: Jarsbo Contemporary Art, Denmark
2015: Kennedy Centret, Denmark
2014: Bascon A/S, Denmark
2014: VESTMEDIA A/S Kirken, Denmark
2014: ABB A/S, Denmark
2014: IDA, Denmark
2014: Exhausto A/S, Denmark
2014: Albertslund Rådhus, Denmark
2014: Hjertingbadehotel, Denmark
2014: Kunstforeninger, Denmark
2014: Kulturhuset Mosaikken, Denmark
2013: Galleri Gykkenheim, Denmark
2013: Illums Bolighus København, Denmark
2013: Galleri Modern Art, Denmark
2013: Illums Bolighus Århus, Denmark
2013: Le Creuset, Denmark
2013: Jonstrupvang, Denmark
2013: Ingvard Christensen. Es, Denmark
2013: Miljø Styrelsen, Denmark
2013: Kunstforeninger, Denmark
2012: Siemens kbh, Denmark
2012: Oticon, Denmark
2012: Wexoe A/S, Denmark
2012: Måløv Kulturhus, Denmark
2012: Axelborg v/. Bo Bojesen. Galleri Morten Avlskarl, Denmark
2011: Kunstforeninger, Denmark
2011: Leo Pharma, Denmark
2011: Bruger-hjælpe Formidlingen A/S, Denmark
2011: Nykredit, Denmark
2011: Torm A/S, Denmark
2011: Nilfisk-Advance A/S, Denmark
2011: AP. Pension, Denmark
2011: Thrane & Thrane A/S, Denmark
2011: Sydbank, Denmark
2010: Kunstforeninger, Denmark
2010: Krogs Fiske Restaurant, Denmark
2010: Galleri Juel Verland Art, Denmark
2010: Langes Magasin, Denmark
2009: Kunstforeninger, Denmark
2009: Budde & Schou., Denmark
2009: Alectia, Danmark
2009: Galleri Secher & Scott., Denmark
2008: Vingalleriet København, Denmark
2008: Danmarks Nationalbank, Denmark
2008: Illums Bolighus, Denmark
2007: Galleri, Denmark
2007: Galleri Fabelone, Denmark
2006: Galleri, Denmark
2006: Galleri Friling, Denmark
2005: Møen kunstudstilling, Denmark
2004: Galleri, Denmark
2004: Galleri Damshauge, Denmark
2004: ArtShare, Denmark
2003: Musikhuset i Esbjerg, Denmark
2003: Kunst & Kaos, Denmark
2003: Stenlængegård, Denmark
2003: Møllekroen, Denmark
2003: Gaugain Auction House, Denmark
2002: Arbejdsmiljø Instituttet, Denmark
2002: Bubi Bar, Denmark
2002: TOLD & SKAT, Denmark
2002: Ministeriet for videnskab teknologi & udvikling, Denmark
2002: Cap Gemini Danmark A/S, Denmark
2001: Jeppes Badehotel, Denmark
2000: Bubi Bar, Denmark
Group Exhibitions:
2018: KunstGalleriet i Slagelse, Søren Parmo m.fl., Denmark
2015: Happy Xmas Trees, Denmark
2015: Galleri Under Værket, Denmark
2014: Fredensborg Slotsmuseum, Denmark
2014: Galleri Under Værket, Michael Grøndlund - Peter Hesk og Søren Parmo, Denmark
2014: Galleribe, Peter Hesk Møller og Søren Parmo, Denmark
2014: Ros vs Ros Naffet, Denmark
2013:, Denmark
2013: Ingvard Christensen, Denmark
2013: Galleri Claus C, Denmark
2013: Galleri Hornbæk og kunshandel v/. Susanne Risom, Denmark
2013: Helligåndshuset; Henrik Voldmester, Michael Grøndlund, Peter Hesk Møller og Søren Parmo, Denmark
2011: Galerie Eros, Denmark
2010: Saatchi & Saatchi, London, England
2010: KJ Industries A/S, Denmark
2010: Bo-Vest, Denmark
2010: Vestforbrænding, Denmark
2010: Art Herning, Galleri Sct. Gertrud, Denmark
2010: Thrane & Thrane A/S, Denmark
2009: Ulriksholm Slot, Galleri Ulriksholm, Denmark
2007: Galleri Victor, Silkeborg, Denmark
2007: Galleri Bastillen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
2004: Galleri Cobra, Denmark
2003: Basement art, Denmark
2001: Kbh. Montmartre, Denmark
2001: Kulturnatten, Denmark
2001: Galleri Basement Art, Denmark
2001: Åbne døre Københavns Rådhus, Denmark
2001: Den Gule Gård, Denmark
2001: Carte Blanche, Forum Kbh., Denmark
Private Exhibitions:
2001: Hannebo, Denmark
1994: Sandholt Slot, Denmark
1993: Sandholt Slot, Denmark
Art Saloon:
2017: Lån & Spar Bank, Denmark
2016: Rotary, Denmark
2010: Vestforbrænding, Denmark
2009: Birger Christensen, Denmark

Awards and Highlights

Decoration Works:
2018: Dansk Folkehjælp, FamilieRINGENSs hus Maribo, Denmark
2016: Gjøltrold/Lykketrold, udsmykning af Gjøl/Lykketrold, Denmark
2015: Happy Xmas Tree, Denmark
2013: Muleposer for Kullegaard arkitekter, Denmark
2010: Praxis24, Denmark
2009: Quiet Room, Hovedsæde A.P. Møller - Mærsk, Denmark
2005: Toldbodgade 63, Porten, Denmark
Other Tasks:
2018: Søren Parmo actor in a commercial for ÆldreSagen, Castit ApS. Producer LEAD Agency
2018: Søren Parmo Lykketrolden MorEva i VÆRSGO kæden
2018: BeArte Gallery
2017: ArtOmonde
2017: BeArte Gallery
2016: TV Bella, portrait broadcast of Søren Parmo
2015: Painting Project for children with aid organization Dansk Folkehjælp
2014: Søren Parmo is in Danish Dynemite as an actor on TV2 Zulu
2013: Søren Parmo participates in the TV Program Kunst for tiden, host Kirsten-Marie Hedeland
2011: Søren Parmo decorate the Art Cookie Tin, sold in more than 100.00 copies
2011: Søren Parmo participates in the TV Program Go´Morgen Danmark på TV2
2011: Project for Danish People's Aid, Søren Parmo paint with children in summer camps
2011: Søren Parmo, Repro Project for Danish People's Aid
2005: Søren Parmo participates as actor in various commercials and in the TV series about H.C. Andersen
2005: Søren Parmo decorate wine label for P.W. Pedersen Ribe
2005: Søren Parmo, design Coffee Bin for Salling
2004: Søren Parmo paint at the Crown Prince's chair "Rex" for wedding between his royal highness and Mary Donaldsen
2004: Søren Parmo participates as actor in various commercials
2003: Søren Parmo design the cover for the musician Michael Boesen
2002: Portrait broadcast with Søren Parmo in TV: "A day with an artist"