Vito Difilippo
Vito Difilippo 
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
About Vito Difilippo

Vito Difilippo was born in Monopoli (Puglia) on May 20th, 1988. He currently lives in Santeramo in Colle (Puglia), his hometown and the birthplace of his artistic identity. His biographical path immediately intertwines with his artistic attitudes, experimented in different ways since his adolescence: with conceptual and pop art first to familiarise with abstract art and “art brut” later. If his first works constitute a self-taught exploration of oil painting, collage and sculpture, Vito Difilippo’s art finds full expression in what the artist defines as “urban emotions” artworks, realised with acrylic on canvas, wood and cardboard. Each artwork promptly describes daily instants that mark an emotional trace. Each artwork shows the continuous experimentation of concepts and techniques that can be unique and highly recognizable. The contrast between simple lines and the concept-idea at their basis creates an essential disturbance that stimulates curiosity and reflection in the observer, and realizes the expressiveness of the whole artistic journey: the pursuit of harmony. The constant inspiration suggested from the social world and its decay ensures that the perception of its forms, colours and scents becomes harmonious creations, where the diversity of the elements coexists in a vivid equilibrium. The pursuit of harmony leads the artist to plunge himself into the abstract world, whose entry key is a real sensorial (pro)vocation. The impactful and responsive forms of the figurative leave space for an immersive perception in the abstract world; the observer can enter in its shades, recognizing his emotions and feelings. Though being vividly present and recognizable, the soul and the hand of the artist guide the observer to experience an intimate and personal involvement, led by senses and perceptions. Each artwork moves and transfers in a chromatic way the essence of the subject that the artist wants to paint and characterize with his own trait an inspiration. Once the curiosity is caught, the artistic and emotional travel naturally starts.




Jean-Michel Basquiat, Modigliani, Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko


TOO MUCH – Palazzo Marchesale – Santeramo, Italy
SATURN ART FEVER – Palazzo Marchesale – Santeramo, Italy
ANIMUS ET ANIMA – Casa Cava – Matera, Italy
CHOOSING COLORS – Daphne Bateau Gallery – Paris, France
SAATCHI GALLERY – Digital 2Floor – London, UK
LE PORTE DELL’IMPERATORE – Gioia del Colle, Italy
POP VISION – Rome, Italy
NEW WAVE – Palazzo Marchesale – Santeramo in Colle, Italy
LARGO AI TALENTI VELATI – Castle – Sannicandro, Italy

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