Yulia Gurzhiyants
Yulia Gurzhiyants 
Art direction:
Contemporary Art
Hey, I'm glad you visited my profile. I hope you will like my paintings. At BeArte Gallery I show mainly an abstraction art. As you can see I love contrasted colours. Through these abstract paintings I hope to create emotions in everyone who is looking at my art. Please contact me with any questions. Have a nice watching and have a great day! Yulia.

About Yulia Gurzhiyants

I am a Moscow born painter living in Warsaw. My greatest passion is the abstract painting with oil and acrylic paints. My goal is to create art that would appeal to the greatest people’s emotions and bring up the images and shapes from the deepest memories.


Degree in Arts from Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry


My paintings have participated in exhibitions and auctions in various galleries (in Warsaw - Galeria Stalowa, Xanadu Gallery, Pragaleria, Art Krajewski Gallery).