In this category, you will find artists creating art according to traditional assumptions. Strongly associated with the concept of technique, artistic craft, realism, the traditional understanding of aesthetics and the role of the artist.

Artists possessing a splendid and well-established artistic workshop, faithful to the service of art in relation to the surrounding world. Their work sometimes arises for many months.

However, these are not works assigned strictly to any art direction belonging to modern art, that is before World War II.

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Alexandr Karat Transformation
Sculptures and reliefs
13.5 × 14 × 51 cm
Alexandr Karat The World Is Theater
Sculptures and reliefs
20 × 22.5 × 60 cm
Daniel Porada Naked Woman in Paradise
58 × 78 cm
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Alexandr Karat Lion King
Sculptures and reliefs
20 × 31 × 19 cm
Dmitrii Ulianov River Lybid
Painted Object and 3D Painting
120 × 85 cm