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Aquamorphosis 1

Ingrid BuggeIngrid Bugge Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Ingrid Bugge, Denmark
Photography, 2011, 120 × 80 cm

In Aquamorphosis man and ocean melts together in a mythical, dense underwater universe. I use the underwater photography to visualize our emotional states. Captured under water, the human body floats in a poetic, dreamy space – far away from the mundane life.

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Aquamorphosis is an underwater photography project, where man and ocean melts together in a mythical underwater universe. In detail, Ingrid Bugge uses the underwater photography to show our emotional states. Especially feelings such as love, surrender, devotion, depression, joy and anxiety. In every photography, the human body is under water, far away from everyday life.

Bugge’s intention was to create photographs that are similar to the renaissance oil paintings. The digital editing of the photographs involves the principles of a certain painting technique namely, chiaroscuro. The Italian painter Michel Angelo used this technique in his paintings. Additionally, it derived from the combination of Italian words that roughly translate to light and dark. The term describes the striking use of the light and shade. As a result, a dramatic effect arises.

Pigment Print on Hanemühle paper 330 g, acid free.

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Dimensions 120 × 80 cm

Ingrid Bugge

Ingrid Bugge is known for working with topics that she feels deeply connected with. This is very prevalent in all her artistic endeavours to date.

The Essence of Ballet was the beginning of her international artistic journey and was recognized world wide for its “haunting beauty.” It was covered on BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Gulf News and many more outlets. The exhibition received critical acclaim and it inspired Ingrid to further her love of ballet and art by creating the dance photo art project, Cyclus Perm. This was a creative collaboration between Ingrid Bugge, the Perm Opera Ballet and the Perm State Art Gallery.

Ingrid uses her camera as a research tool. Since 2006 she has been testing the boundaries of intimacy and human knowledge, of nature and of emotion. As a fine art photographer, Ingrid Bugge approaches the philosophical, the emotional and the archetypal world.

“I paint with my camera with special techniques.The renaissance painters’ techniques inspire my work. I focus on the classic structure of background, middle ground and main subject. Their ability to manipulate light and darkness as well as their passion for dense expression amazes me.”

Ingrid creates her art through analog and digital photography, after that she goes through a thorough editing process that includes drawing and painting.

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