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Arrivals and Departures

Magda BenedaMagda Beneda Contact the Artist

Sold by: BeArte Gallery, Denmark
Paintings, 2017, 50 × 60 cm

Original title: Przyloty i odloty

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“Arrivals and Departures” is the acrylic on canvas painting, made by Magda Beneda, which you can buy online at BeArte Gallery.

Magda Beneda is the painter who works as Contemporary Art artist in Naive style.

With the image “Arrivals and Departures” Magda shows us a story of making dreams true. The story of an ordinary woman who wants to fulfill her dreams of exploring the world. However, there is something more. This is also a story of each of us, about a journey we take through life.

Magdas’ art is easy to understand. It reflects sincere feelings, love, and emotions related to family life. She paints masterfully and with the talent the everyday stories, that bring art closer to our lives.

Magda uses bright pastel colours and simple shapes that perfectly fits the content of her wonderful artworks.

“Arrivals and Departures”  has a painted wooden frame, 5 cm wide.

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Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

Magda Beneda

Polish Artist living and working in Gdansk.
Graphic designer, illustrator, and painter.

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