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Paintings, .3 × 39.37 × 51.81 cm

, 2018
Sold by: David Harrison, United Kingdom (UK)
1.762,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.762,00)

The “Bathers” is drawn on arches 300lb hot pressed paper
a combination of charcoal and graphite was used.
The drawing size is plus a 7.62 off white mount and a black wooden frame ready to be hung.

In stock

The Bathers – amazing drawing by David Harrison. At BeArte Gallery you can buy it directly from the artist.

‘Bathers’ is a drawing using charcoal and graphite. It was produced in July 2018 and took approximately 4 weeks to complete.
I love working with charcoal and graphite I am able to produce a wide tonal range of marks. The scene is a group or family of people enjoying swimming in the Atlantic sea.

The beach is one of shingle and pebbles, the waves are coming into shore and the group of people are interacting with each other. One is pointing to something or someone in the distance. I enjoyed drawing this scene and trying to evoke light and atmosphere and also the harmony of the composition.

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Weight 3.62 kg
Dimensions .3 × 39.37 × 51.81 cm

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