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Before The Storm II

Joanna PolkosnikJoanna Polkosnik Contact the Artist

Sold by: BeArte Gallery, Denmark
Paintings, 2017, 50 × 60 cm

Original title: Przed Burzą II

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“Before The Storm II” at BeArte Gallery is the acrylic on canvas painting, made by Joanna Polkosnik.

The artist admires the silhouettes of wild birds, their beautiful, even ballet, smooth movements. Nature and wild birds are fascinating Joanna and she presents it in a new modern way.

You will discover a courageous combination of colors together with detailed and skilfull work of Joanna.

“Before The Storm II”  is the painting with a realistic stork motif on an abstract background. At the same time in the silhouettes of the stork, you can find a symbol. It is the symbol of the upcoming spring and also a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
The stork symbol occurs often in Polish and Slavic folklore.

In Slavic mythology and religion, storks were meant to carry unborn souls from Vyraj to Earth in spring and summer. This belief still persists in the modern folk culture of many Slavic countries, in the simplified way “storks bring children into the world”.

This bird is also very popular in many other European countries. The legend about storks was popularised by a Hans Christian Andersen in his story called The Storks.

Joanna Polkosnik is a young artist working in the Contemporary Art style.

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Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

Joanna Polkosnik

Polish artist born in 1981 in Hajnowka, Poland.

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