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Bird Cage

Sculptures and Reliefs, 95 × 39 × 100 cm

, 2017
Sold by: Soren Parmo, Denmark
7.776,00 (Incl. local VAT 7.776,00)

Original title: Fuglebur

In stock

The “Bird Cage” the sculpture made by Danish Artist Søren Parmo at BeArte Gallery. You can buy this artwork directly from the artist.

The “Bird Cage” is an extreme sculpture by Søren Parmo. The sculpture obviously has the artist’s history, but it immediately catches us and almost forces us to see our own story and create our own image of it. A ship, a bird, scary images from war zones or a beautifully executed weather vane. Everyone sees the sculpture through their own glasses and senses, as it has a strong influence and power.

General Color

Sculpture Medium

, ,

Sculpture Base



Dimensions 95 × 39 × 100 cm

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