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Book of Silence

Zhenya MironovZhenya Mironov Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Zhenya Mironov, Russia
Photography, 2016, 0.2 × 70 × 50 cm

In a series 68 works. Size 70х50 cm.

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Great art photography by Zenya Mironov, the European Artist. At BeArte Gallery this artwork you can buy online directly from the artist.

In a series 68 works. Size 30х40 cm.

In this series, with the help of plastic management, I transfer objects from the “ordinary” world to the immanent world. This makes it possible to really touch, to analyze in detail from which “pixels” – (blades of grass, and so objects) our huge world is made up. Immanence means the internal connection of some quality object with the object itself. But what can each object tell about itself in this new quality? * Let’s listen …
Color in the series plays an important code role. He is the archetypal hero of all eastern visual culture. Gammas of yellow, red hues are traditional for the East. The visual culture has a very specific relationship to color and space, as sacred elements. In this series, objects of nature are depicted outside their usual habitat and technocratic world in general. They are pulled out with the help of a visual language, a special plastic in a new air space in the form of hidden elements – pure images. A modern person often does not have the opportunity to pay attention to these almost imperceptible things. He lives in such a fuss, and for example ordinary trees for him are a little green, then they turn yellow and become covered with snow for a while. But these same trees have hundreds of intermediate states that are no less colorful as emotional experiences. This series is an attempt to slow down to a complete stop, to stop the viewer’s inner voice from the viewer, and to let the delicate world come into contact. To feel the action at the level of “complete nothing”, but it seems so only at the beginning of viewing. By the end of the series, work gradually begins in which the greatness of this refined “nothing” is revealed.

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Dimensions 0.2 × 70 × 50 cm

Zhenya Mironov

Participant of international exhibitions in MAMM and MMOMA. Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in 2014. Nominee Nord Art 2015, Bloom Award by Warsteiner 2016 (Germany). Participant of the fair Cosmoscow 2018. The author’s works are kept in the collections Qatar museums, Сredit Suisse Collection, Kultutamt landeshauptstand Dusseldorf (Germany), Nord Art (Germany), Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (more than 100 works), in domestic and international private collections, in particular, the Ros Atom collection, the embassies of the Kingdom of Denmark in Moscow, France, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

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