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Olga Pelipas

Auction Ended

Sold by: BeArte Gallery, Denmark
Artwork: Painting
Completed: 2016
Dimensions: 100 × 90 cm

Original Title: Carousel

Item condition: New

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The “Carousel”, is oil on canvas painting by Olga Pelipas, European Artist. The unique artwork which you can buy online at BeArte Gallery.  Olga Pelipas is the Contemporary Art artist who paints in Old Master Style.

The “Carousel” refers to a fairy tale but also to real life. We are like adults and yet like children playing on the carousel of life and trying to catch the golden apple on this run. Small and cute heroes of Olga’s artworks will bring your imagination to another world.

Warm golden colors, stylized characters. A beautiful picture for everyone who, in addition to decorations, likes to see in the work of art its deeper meaning.

The colors between originals and photos may slightly differ. This can happen because of differences in the quality of the monitors.

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Dimensions 100 × 90 cm

Olga Pelipas

Olga Pelipas was born in the Crimea (Ukraine) in 1988.

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Date Bid User Auto
June 12, 2019450,00neytey-hyung
June 11, 2019400,00jack_james_72
June 5, 2019350,00patrik5Anthronaj
June 3, 2019300,00jack_james_72
June 2, 2019250,00Jenklpm1
June 1, 2019225,00neytey-hyung
June 1, 2019200,00patrik5Anthronaj
May 28, 2019175,00jack_james_72
May 26, 2019150,00neytey-hyung
August 12, 2019 2:55 pmAuction started


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