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Sold by: AMBRE, Israel
Paintings, 2018, 90 × 120 cm

The Exodus is one of the works that I love so much .. for its depth and its very sober side …the colours blend so well.

The interior infinite and has no perspective or limit. It is a free painting. only a real art connoisseur can really detect its value, the amateurs will see it under a different eye. excuse my nerve but it’s a truth:)


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The |Exodus” is the abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Ambre used the mixed technique with resin and stones.

The artwork has been varnished.  This painting exists in a single copy, it is unique in the world dated and signed by the author, AMBRE professional painter.

The sides are painted and the canvas can be hung without a frame. This painting and sent stretched. Wooden frame high quality.

All my paintings are shipped in express delivery between 7 to 9 days and are delivered to you in person. I ship worldwide.

For special requests, please contact me.


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 90 × 120 cm


AMBRE Biography My name is Ambre. My youth starts in May 1996. A departure, we change the country. I am 12 years old and I come from FRANCE. I will forget everything: the language, the friends, the memories, and my relatives. I do not have a French history, just the sensation of France, and I do love it. At school, the art class is the only topic I’m interested in. I don’t understand anything in this new language. Drawing becomes my Universe; my teachers are the first to reveal my talent to my own self.

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