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Floating in the clouds

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Sold by: ValeriX, Ukraine
Paintings, 2019, 40 × 30 cm

Artwork for relaxing and meditation.

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The boat is in the open sea. Endless calm around it. Time stops right now. The water is quiet and cool. Clouds are floating. They are everywhere.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 cm


• I’m a photographer from Ukraine. Was born in 1967. A long time ago photography became a way of my life. My passion is to create interesting pictures with a story to tell. I love the kind of photo which taken casually. The world is beautiful around us! Every side of nature, every minute has its own mood, each person – his own special character. I like to capture these moods and imprint them in pictures. And when a viewer, looking at my photos, gets carried away by the same feelings that inspired me to take a shot – this makes me a happy man.

• As for painting, when I draw, I feel like part of my soul remains in the picture. These are emotions, feelings, and experiences. Each painting is a reflection of myself as an artist, of my attitude to this beautiful world.

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