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Fynbo-en, der så en jetjager og fik et pip

Soren ParmoSoren Parmo Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Soren Parmo, Denmark
Paintings, 70 × 70 cm

Original title: Fynbo-En

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The “Fynbo-en, der så en jetjager og fik et pip” by Søren Parmo at Bearte Gallery, Contemporary Art.

At BeArte Gallery you can buy this artwork online directly from the artist.

Søren’s painting is avant-garde, nativistic painting, full of energetic colours, humour and grotesque.

“Fynbo-En” refers to the name of the inhabitant of the Fyn island and saw a Jet.  Perfect artwork for everyone who can think out of box.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colours in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals

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Dimensions 70 × 70 cm

Soren Parmo

Søren Parmo (1966-), the boy from Ribe, who ended up as the painter from Måløv. In fact, it is better to use the word “artist”, because, for the most of the Søren’s glorious career, he has never seen limitations in his art, he dealt with various things, anything where his art can be transferred, from the traditional canvases to something that a joiner can put together, like window sections, drawers, wardrobes for dining tables, and even aluminum biscuits baking tins, in 100,000 copies have been adorned by Søren’s colorful lines, for example the “Lucky Troll”, who with his big smile and widespread arms collect funds for the Cancer Fight.
Søren, like most artists, is not happy about being placed into artistic “stall”, and although we may find that he gets inspiration from the Danish brothers Asgar Jorn and Jørgen Nash, as well as the French painter and sculptor Fernand Léger, at the same time we can quickly find that style and thoughts in the works of Søren are different from what the great artists originally produced in their artistic approach. Shall we make a preaching to Søren’s art, or is it best to stay naive in the avant-garde. For the strings of the Søren’s art, the reality often serves in a humorous and naive way. But not as naive as in the child’s perception, more like a serious interpretation of the word, where the reality is at times of high-speed pace and personality is set to a level where it actually belongs.
We promise not to put Søren in any frames and just hope that his freedom depicted in his beloved style similar to “a free bird” will produce many more great works of art; on canvases, in sculpture or elsewhere he may wish to enrich.

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