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Fynbo-en, der så en jetjager og fik et pip

Paintings, 70 × 70 cm

Sold by: Soren Parmo, Denmark
1.400,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.400,00)

Original title: Fynbo-En

The “Fynbo-en, der så en jetjager og fik et pip” by Søren Parmo at Bearte Gallery, Contemporary Art.

At BeArte Gallery you can buy this artwork online directly from the artist.

Søren’s painting is avant-garde, nativistic painting, full of energetic colours, humour and grotesque.

“Fynbo-En” refers to the name of the inhabitant of the Fyn island and saw a Jet.  Perfect artwork for everyone who can think out of box.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colours in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals

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Dimensions 70 × 70 cm

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