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Sold by: Sergey Lesnikov, Russia
Painted Object and 3D Painting, 2018, 50 × 82 cm

Original still life composition with flamish background. Old wood, metall, oil.

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Unique “Grenades”, by Sergey Lesnikov. At BeArte Gallery you can buy artwork online directly from the artist.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 82 cm

Sergey Lesnikov

When I was growing up, I liked to draw like other children, but I dreamed about fantastic things – space, stars. So come to Moscow to join the physical-technical College, and it was the first time I met Great Art in Moscow, the Pushkin Museum of fine arts. The effect was so strong that it was not able to leave.. Then I bought the paint and started painting. One of my directions- decorative vintage works on old boards. Once, looking at the massive hundred-year-old board from the old house, I imagined all those works on the wood panels, from icons to painting, which we never saw, that left, disappeared, lost in time. How could they look like? Then I came to idea to make such a thing, looking like a found artifact, with fragments of old painting on ancient piece of wood. So I have created it, and continue working now.. I work in traditional painting as well. I’m always in search- of new approaches, new themes, new materials, sometimes with elements of old metal, and other.

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