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Hear the spring

John Biro

1.866,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.866,00)

Sold by: John Biro, Hungary
Artwork: Drawing
Completed: 2001
Dimensions: 45 × 59 cm

drawing, charcoal on paper


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title;hear the spring….  size;59x45cm

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Dimensions 45 × 59 cm

John Biro

The Art for me, as like harmony for humanity.
Phantasmagorical field expressing the variety of Life; mixed colours, memories, hopes and future… etc.
Special magic yielding satisfaction from realization of our environment.
Honesty with oneself is essential with full freedom to give creativity.
Using various tools to build a visual experience transmitting positive energies.
Discovering the reflections that fully encompass, enchanting the moment’s absolute atmosphere.

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