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Hos Karsten

Beata Piechocka (Piehotska)Beata Piechocka (Piehotska) Contact the Artist

Sold by: Beata Piechocka (Piehotska), Denmark
Paintings, 50 × 50 cm

The commissioned work. If you are interested in ordering a similar artwork for yourself, please contact me.


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Unique “Hos Karsten”, by Beata Piechocka (Piehotska). Very pleasant and cute landscape from the time I stayed at Karsten. It was painted as a gift.

When I saw this lake, lush vegetation, and garden chairs, everything was flooded with sunlight, I thought that it was such an idyllic landscape that I gladly painted it. The landscape was painted in the impressionist style.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate, write to me at [email protected]

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Dimensions 50 × 50 cm

Beata Piechocka (Piehotska)

I was born in Warsaw in 1971.

In 2016 I moved to Denmark from where I started running the art gallery.

Apart from this, my main activity is to paint stylized portraits on commission orders.

I also run painting classes for amateur artists and create handmade silk scarves.

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