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In Small City

Malwina CieslikMalwina Cieslik Contact the Artist

Paintings, 60 × 60 cm

Oryginal Title:  W Małym Mieście

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Unique “In Small City”, by Malwina Cieslik. At BeArte Gallery you can buy artwork online directly from the artist.

The unique artwork which you can buy online directly from the artist at BeArte Gallery.

In Malwina’s art, we clearly see the influence of Expressionism.

Her favourite topic is maritime but here Malwina falls in love in the city landscape.

Perfect painting to modern interiors and wherever the reflections are important.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm

Malwina Cieslik

Born in 2nd of September, 1975, in city Radomsko in Poland.

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