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M series: Mother and child

Szilard BartaSzilard Barta Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Szilard Barta, Hungary
Painted Object and 3D Painting, 2019, 64 × 99 cm

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Moter’s and child A natural jute sack used in a gagon mill mill, the fabric was laced with mill dust and injuries that had developed over time. With the warmth of home, the promise of bread, the imperfect surface of Mother, she completely embraces her child who appears on the common surface with the promise of the future. The natural jute sack has black matte enamel stripes on both sides, the extruding is visible only in the side light, while the

whole surface is dominated by the child’s golden disk.

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Dimensions 64 × 99 cm

Szilard Barta

About Szilard Barta Biography – I’m an autodidactic painter Szilárd Barta I was born in 1977 in Debrecen. I’m looking for challenging boundaries in my creations. The intention is to have as little space as possible, with minimal and physical tension, to create the space for encounters and the unlimited flow of thoughts. Material and object art is a visual system in which the passion of scattering extends honestly and vividly to the barriers of the two-dimensional plane and communicates with what is around it. The combination of surfaces deformed by the materials or the supports achieves the connection between the voltage and the space. The paintings define and guide perceptions and perceptions in the symbiosis of emotions, painting and sculpture. Different spaces are forms such as totems, fantastic ancient elements whose structural features, where they appear, where they disappear. Reflections, impulsive gestures, formal balance, the three primary colors – red, blue and yellow – decisive and overwhelming shapes and surfaces, merge, prepare to create the directness and the drama of the event and create life. They are like evolution, focusing on elementary elements without conscious consciousness whose self-organization, complex living systems, on the surface or in the contemplative, leaving the development of thoughts consciously or instinctively infinite. During my work I was relying only on my own investigations and the study of the works and works of masters such as Alberto Burri, Roberto Crippa, Edmondo Bacci, Ferruccio Bortoluzzi, Agustino Bonalumi, Hisao Domoto. My art has not been studied in the profession I have no master to go to school. So this term, self-taught, is in full sense self-taught.

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