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Male I

Drawing, 90 × 90 cm

, 2019
Sold by: Ian Pearsall, United Kingdom (UK)
549,00 (Incl. local VAT 549,00)

Crouching Male II
(Study for the base of the Crucifixion)

In stock

Original and full of artistic tension “Male I”, by Ian Pearsall. At BeArte Gallery you can buy the artwork online directly from the artist.

The male body is beautiful. Especially when it reflects physical strength and inner energy. Ian’s painted man is like a Greek Olympian: muscles full of tension, which in a moment will be put into motion by an internal impulse. Seemingly a static image, but you can feel the unbridled energy of it.

Artwork for everyone who has admiration and understanding of the beauty of the human body.

The “Male I” by Ian will perfectly fit modern interiors.

Paintings “Male I” and “Male III” were created to hang together.

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Dimensions 90 × 90 cm

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