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Mansion of Tears

Andreas M.WieseAndreas M.Wiese Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Andreas M.Wiese, Germany
Paintings, 1995, 90 × 80 cm

Original Title: Tränenvilla

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“Mansion of Tears” is an oil canvas painting by Andreas M. Wiese you will find it available online at BeArte Gallery. You can buy this artwork directly from the artist.

The art of Andreas M. Wiese can be described with the German term “gegenständlich”. There is no specific equivalent in English, but it’s a kind of figurative style. Not realistic and more a kind of surrealistic in a kind of Andreas M. Wiese way. The paintings pretend to show something real, but it consists of things, people and places which can only exist on the canvas, made by paint.

Andreas M. Wiese studied at the Konrad Klapheck at Art Academy in Düsseldorf and graduated in 1993 with Meisterschüler title (approx. MFA).

“Mansion of Tears”

“Mansion of Tears” is a classic painting by Andreas M. Wiese from the late 90s. The title makes us think of pain and sorrows. But the painting itself fills us with mystery. The huge cold building. The Mansion. Placed alone without a park, trees or neighbouring building. It is as if it has chosen to isolate itself. Maybe because of the stories on which it is stored; stories that should not be repeated or told.

The tears that create the lake “Mansion of Tears” are located in, give the painting the direct surrealism that can be found in selected works by Andreas M. Wiese. It does not float but slowly it’s buried in tears.

Although extremely dark colours used in the painting, it is far from the colours that create the mystery and the almost creepy atmosphere. It is more the thoughts we get ourself when we put title and motive together. Our own stories. And this is what makes “Mansion of Tears” fantastic. The story, the emotions and the presentation for our own writing of its history.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colours in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals.

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Dimensions 90 × 80 cm

Andreas M.Wiese

German artist, Andreas M. Wiese, born 1966 in Wuppertal, Germany.

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