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Jolanta HaluchJolanta Haluch Contact the Artist

Sold by: BeArte Gallery, Denmark
Paintings, 2017, 140 × 50 cm

Original Title: North


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The “North”, is oil on canvas painting by Jolanta Haluch, European Artist. The unique artwork which you can buy online at BeArte Gallery directly from the artist.

Jolanta Haluch, Contemporary Art artist, titled and experienced painter, working in many areas of art, among others works as a designer.

The artist uses many themes in her works of art. And often they are on the borderline of symbolism or surrealism as in the case of the series about Angels.

However, in the “North” Jolanta used the phenomenon of nature as a pretext to paint a unique lyrical abstraction which refers to nature.

The artwork is long and has a large and unique size.

The colors between originals and photos may slightly differ because of differences in the quality of the monitors.

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Dimensions 140 × 50 cm

Jolanta Haluch

Polish artist, lives and works in Krakow.

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