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Jacek MalinowskiJacek Malinowski Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Jacek Malinowski, Poland
Paintings, 2019, 90 × 130 cm

acrylic on canvas 130 x 90

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The artist spends creatively every year the whole summer in Tuscany in Italy, where he still produced a series of painting dedicated to the Italian pejzażowi. The subject of this landscape has been treated as an attempt to find a symbol – a synonym of the Tuscan landscape. Malinowski increasingly moving towards abstract form to show that despite the synthetic reference still is expressive, organic and filled with emotions message.

Images are extremely expressive color with highly saturated, often contrasting colors. Deep purples mingle with blues, black and mint green. His paintings are a constant search traffic, dynamic confrontation with the statics planes. Discovering the kinetics of color. Yes, Tuscany – one of the most beautiful regions in the world, its beauty, warm atmosphere, the Mediterranean south captured the artist.

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Dimensions 90 × 130 cm

Jacek Malinowski

Jacek Malinowski, the Polish painter, was born in 1969 in Bielsko-Biała, who currently lives in Rumia.

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