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Portal collector

Painted Object and 3D Painting, 80 × 90 cm

, 2018
Sold by: Dmitrii Ulianov, Ukraine
1.269,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.269,00)

The artwork is made from fused plastic, it has no been painted.
The problem of ecology is significant for me; that is why I`m painting with using of plastic.

In stock

The magic portal-collector which takes the viewer to the most hidden places of his consciousness. Therefore, I want to say that something beautiful can be created even from discarded garbage (canvas, vinyl, scraps of cable insulation from the depicted place, facades radiol, computer modules trimming, polyethene).

The place depicted is the confluence of the two source arms of the underground stream Repyakhov Yar. Repyakhov Yar running along the bottom of the track in the ensemble with Babi Yar streams and Guy Kirilovsky flows into the chronicle Pochaina River (now Lake Opechen). In 988, Prince Vladimir baptized Russia precisely at the mouth of the River Pochaina – the most important reservoir for the city!

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Dimensions 80 × 90 cm

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