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River Lybid

Painted Object and 3D Painting, 120 × 85 cm

, 2018
Sold by: Dmitrii Ulianov, Ukraine
2.047,00 (Incl. local VAT 2.047,00)

The artwork is made from fused plastic, it has no been painted.

The problem of ecology is significant for me; that is why I`m painting with using plastic.

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Lybid inspired and inspired the author to popularize the idea of ​​the cleanliness of Kyiv rivers (there are more than 70 in Kyiv). Here the author spent his childhood and already then hatched a dream to perpetuate and pay attention to the ancient Kyiv rivers.

The name of the river comes from the name of the legendary girl, the sister of the founding prince of the city of Kyiv. She was beautiful as the May sun. From all over the world came young knights, princes and queens to ask her hands. But the princess and did not want to hear about the wedding. The knights and queens wanted to seduce the princess with their wealth, courage and strength. Not one bowed his head to please her, but all in vain. Then the applicants consulted with each other, shrugged their shoulders, mounted their horses and departed.

More narrowed to her did not come. A few years later, the prince died. The luxurious palace passed to the next ruler, and Lybed was supposed to release the castle. She built herself a hut outside Kyiv on a mountain and lived there separately. But this monastic life seemed difficult to her. Days and nights she cried, from her tears, gradually formed a stream, which eventually became the river Lybid. And the mountain where the princess lived is called Girl Mountain.

Therefore, I want to say that something beautiful can be created even from discarded garbage (plastic from the spot depicted in the picture: covers, trimming cable insulation, household debris, fragments of toys, dishes, as well as various plastic products found throughout Kyiv).

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Dimensions 120 × 85 cm

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