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Riverbank and fallen tree

Drawing, .3 × 24.89 × 34.29 cm

, 2018
Sold by: David Harrison, United Kingdom (UK)
1.213,00 (Incl. local VAT 1.213,00)

The “Riverbank and fallen tree” is drawn in charcoal on arches rough 300lb watercolour paper
the size of the drawing is 34.29 x 24.89 plus it has a 7.62 off white mount and a black wooden frame ready to be hung.

In stock

The “Riverbank and fallen tree” – very romantic, high-quality drawing by David Harrison. At BeArte Gallery you can buy it directly from the artist.

This drawing is part of an ongoing series entitled riverbank. After a few days of gales in March 2018, many trees along several miles of the river behind my home were blown down onto the riverbank and into the river.

This riverbank is a source of inspiration to me. Largely untouched by man, during the winter months it’s accessible but during summer it’s very overgrown. In the drawing the backdrop behind the fallen tree are birches and tall reeds, I have tried to capture a feeling of a short burst of morning sunshine on a cold winter morning along with a wild untouched part of the countryside.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions .3 × 24.89 × 34.29 cm

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