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Paintings, 90 × 70 cm

, 2018
Sold by: Ilona Primus - Ziarnowska, Poland
389,00 (Incl. local VAT 389,00)

Original title: Skały

In stock

Beautiful acrylic “Rocks” painting from talented Ilona Priumus – Ziarnowska. Buy the artwork online directly from the artist at BeArte Gallery.

Ilona is a master in her style. She understands and admires the world around. For this reason, her artworks are inspired by nature and the surrounding world.

“Rocks” is a fantastic painting with fauvistic brush strokes and expressive colors. The look at the cliffs somewhere in the middle of the ocean or sea with lonely sailboats passing by. Again, Ilona presents a great color combination with an interesting composition.

The artwork will perfectly fit both modern and classical interiors.

Due to the differences in screen quality, the colors in the images may vary slightly compared to the originals.

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Dimensions 90 × 70 cm

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