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Pink Gate

Ilona Primus - ZiarnowskaIlona Primus - Ziarnowska Contact the Artist

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Sold by: Ilona Primus - Ziarnowska, Poland
Paintings, 2018, 68 × 78 cm

FOR EVERYONE who was taught – “what the author meant” – think about it Recently a friend visited me with her husband who is a poet. These still exist,

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A beautiful abstraction “The Pink Gate” by Ilona Primus – Ziarnowska.  At BeArte Galerii you can buy this item directly from the artist.

Ilona talks about her painting: For Everyone who was taught – “what the author meant”.

Recently a friend visited me with her husband who is a poet.

These still exist, are dying out but still. The poet saw my painting entitled GATE from the corner of his eye. Of course, I did not reveal the name or what the author (i.e. me) wanted to paint. Under the influence of the image and the moment, the poet wrote:

… follow me

immerse your feet in the flowers

and your eyes among the hills

let them touch the blue sky …

So no matter what the author meant when creating the work. What matters is what you feel.
How you perceive the song. Are you cheerful or thoughtful, do you fancy about this song or do you prefer to run away because of the song?
This is important, this is art. Art is not a philosophy.
Do not look for hidden meanings in the songs. Look for emotions. Art is emotions, not logical combinations.
These are real emotions for everyone. (author of the poem Piotr Radziwonowicz)

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Dimensions 68 × 78 cm

Ilona Primus - Ziarnowska

Polish Artist, born in 1970. She lives and works in Wojkowice Koscielne, Poland

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